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  • Havenwell offers fast, high quality hosting services. Our upstream connection to the Internet via Telstra Internet provides your customers with rapid access to your site.

    For each hosted service, we provide you with server access to maintain your site. Alternatively, we can manage the site on your behalf for an additional fee.

    Each Virtual Web Server customer receives detailed statistics each month that show where people are accessing your site from, when they do it, and which parts of the site they view. You can use this statistical information to fine tune your site and maximise it's benefit to you.

    As well as providing a full, free e-mail facility through croydon Mail, we also offer e-mail hosting services. Simply, your "Virtual Access" mailbox can become a mailbox in your own Internet domain, or we can forward mail for your domain to another e-mail facility anywhere in the world.

    Combine these services with a permanent connection, and you can even run your own mail server! We'll provide all the services needed such as multiple DNS servers, and act as a backup for your server in case it goes down.

    Want to know more? Pricing details are below, but if you'd like to discuss your needs in more depth, e-mail

    Domain Hosting & Virtual Servers
    (Note: Minimum 12 month contract period applies to these services)
    Domain Hosting
    Includes POP3 mail server if required, or MX targeting, and is INCLUSIVE of Melbourne IT registration fees.
    Setup: A$100 - Once Only,
    Then $15 per month,
    OR $40 per quarter,
    OR $150 per annum.
    Virtual Web Server
    Includes all Domain Hosting services, plus www.yourdomain address for World Wide Web pages
    Setup: $150 - Once Only, Then $40 per month,
    OR $110 per quarter,
    OR $400 per annum.
    Virtual FTP Server
    Includes all Domain Hosting & VWS services, plus ftp.yourdomain address for FTP service
    Setup: $200 - Once Only, Then $60 per month,
    OR $165 per quarter,
    OR $600 per annum.
    Additional Disk space for VWS/VFTPS
    Disk Space limit of 20Mb applies to all Virtual Servers. Additional storage is charged in 20Mb blocks.
    $5 per month,
    OR $15 per quarter,
    OR $50 per annum.
    Inbound Data Limits
    Free Inbound data (hits) received by Virtual Servers is limited to 50Mb per calendar month. (Incoming e-mail is excluded from this total)
    For data in excess of 50Mb monthly allowance:
    $0.25 per Mb or part thereof

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